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The 1897 census of all Russias and the rabbinat of Latvia



My family tree



But before all ,in 1875 in Vishki lived:


-USDIN Yankel(also Eliokim)Khaimovich,born 1821*my grandfather's grandfather* (died between 1885 and 1889.My Grandfather had been given his name Eliokim but his eldest brother Kuska didn't)

-USDIN Girm(Hirsh) Yankelevich(also Eliokimovich),born 1843,his son (my great grand father's brother

-USDIN Khaim Girmovich,born 1866*Girm's son*

-USDIN Noson Girmovich,born 1872*Girm's son*

-USDIN Nakhman Yankelevich,born 1860(or 1857)*my great grandfather's brother*

-USDIN Beines Yankelevich,born 1862*my grandfather's father*

Yankel Usdin(my Great Great Grand Father)in the 1875 census




























In the 1897 census of all Russians and the Registry of Births of the Rabbinats of Latvia, it shows that  Beines Usdin and his family lived  in the Dvinsk District (Daugavpilski), They lived in the town of Vishki, on Petersburg Street, in the house of Danilevich.  Beines Usdin's was a petty merchant.


Zalman Eliokim Usdin was my Grandfather who was born September 15, 1889(September27,1889 according to the Gregorian calendar.Second day of Rosh Hashana 5650.A friday). His parents were Beines Yankelevich Usdin and Sarah Kusievna Alterman, both were born in 1862.  Beines's Father, Yankel (also Eliokim) as born in 1821.  Khaim who was Yankel's Father was born at the end of the XIIIth century.  Kusiel Alterman was Sarah's Father who was born in 1833.  Kusiel's Father was Guerten (also known as Gersen or Gershon).
My Grandfather joined the White Army during WWI, he was a prisoner in Germany when he met my Grandmother. 

He never returned to Russia,never saw his parents,brothers and sisters again but escaped the holocaust .He died in 1971 of cancer at the age of 82.

see page about WWI

Above on the left my grandfather,prisoner in Germany .He was a "dolmarschen"(spelling?)which is an interpreter as he spoke german(and russian and yiddish and later french ut with an accent that terribly perturbed him all his life)



Zalman in the white army on the left














Zalman,prisonner in Germany










My Grand Father's brothers and sisters

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Kusiel(Кусел.тоже Куська),born 1885


Dora(Добе-Елька),born 1887


Vulf(Бер-Шмуил),born 1893


Rosa(Раса),born 1894


David Abraham(Абрам-Давид),born 1896


Mussa(Муса.),born 1919


Мой дедушка Залман-Элиоким Уздин




My Grand Father's id card in the earlier years







My paternal Grandparents and sons in Paris.



All I know of Beines Usdin,my great Grandfather

...and it's very little.
According to the Archives of Riga Beines was born in 1862 in Vishki to Yankel(also Eliokim,born in 1821),who was born to Khaim, born at the begining of the XIXth century or end of theXVIIIth.I only heard of two brothers of Beines:Nachman,born in 1860 and Girm,born in 1843(may be to a first wife).
My grand father said he was a giant but it's all relative as Zalman was short(1.63 m).
Beines was a clock/watch maker(grandpa said also a jeweller).It is estimated that there were roughly at least one clock-watch maker for every 1000 citizens.
He married to Sarah Alterman in 1883/84.From 1885 to 1902 eight children were born to them(archives)but Zalman said they were 11 children.
Between 1902(the date of their last child,Khaim,born april 17,1902)and 1917/18 his wife Sarah was sent to a salt mines working camp in Solikamsk(Ural.USSR).Why????"Only because she was a jew",said Mussia.She died there and is buried in a communal grave I think with no doubt...

In 1917/1918 Beines remarried to Sarah Levina.They lived in Leningrad.Moussia (Marina)was born to them in 1919.
He ran a jewellery store in Dvinsk,then in Leningrad.

Beinis died in~1925.He is buried in the St Petersburg cemetery named "Preobrazhenskoe"(transfiguration).The pre-burial house of the cemetery designed by architect Yaacov Gevirts,built between 1908 and 1910 is in a serious disrepair.The cemetery is hudge and magnificent with many sculpted gravestones.
My father saw Beines's grave in the 70ies.I have been looking for it many times but never found it though Mussia drew me a map showing where he is buried.

His daughter Moussia,my grand aunt, emigrated to the USA in the 70ies.She lived in Boston(MA).She stoped writing about ten years ago and died in december 2003

My gedcom made by Bruce Dumes


A slideshow on my grandfather







The 1897 census of all Russias about Usdin family (in russian)


In the found documents of "the 1897 census of all Russias"and "the registry of births of the rabbinats of Latvia"there is certain information,stating that in 1897,in the Dvinsk district(Daugavpilski),town of Vishki,on Petersburg Street,in the house of Danilevich,there lived the family of a Vishki(petty)bourgeois(merchant)Beines Usdin:

1-Beines Yankelevich(also Eliokimovich)Usdin,age 35,born Vishki,occupation-clock/watch maker.
2-his wife Sarah Kusievna Usdin(maiden name Alterman),age 35,born Vishki.
3-son Kuska Beinessovich Usdin,age 13,born-same.
4-daughter Khana Beinessovna Usdin,age 12,born- same.
5-daughter Dobe-Elka,age 11,born-same

6-son Zalman-Eliokim(same in documents)Beinessovich Usdin,age 8,born the same on september15,1889(MY GRANDFATHER).
7-son Berka-Shmuila(Ber Schmuil)Beinissovich Usdin,age 4,born -same(acording to the birth registry-born may18,1893.old style)
8-daughter Raissa Beinissovna Usdin,age 3,born-same.
9-son Abraham-David Beinissovich Usdin,age 10 months,born same

The Registry of Births of the Rabbinats of Latvia shows that on April 7, 1902, a son named Raim Beinesovich Usdin was born.  His parents were Benis Yankelevich Usdin and Sarah Kusievna Alterman


In 1895 in the house Danilievna,Peterburgskaya st lived the family of Beines,my Great Grand father(5 men,4 women).The house was a two stored wooden house .Today,nov 22,2007 I received the photocopy below of the original document.


On april 17,1902(according to the Gregorian calendar he was born on april 29,1902.(last day of Pessah 5662)a son Khaim was born to Beines and Sarah.I don't know anything about him but according to my Grand Father's naturalization documents he was still alive in1930.


Informations received from the Latvian archives on oct15,2007

The list of the Jews belonging to Dvinsk and Dvinsk district, set up in 1875 (see Appendix No.1), the records of the 1st All Russian census for 1897 as well as the birth records of the Jewish community in Vishki for 1889–1893, 1898–1899, 1901,           1902–1904, the marriage records of the same community for 1889, 1893, 1897–1899, 1901–1902, the death records for 1889–1893, 1897–1899, 1901–1902, as available at our archives (vital records for other years have not survived) contain the following information:

Beines (Beinas), son of Eliokim-Jankel Usdin was born in ca  1861/1862 in Vishki (aged 13 in 1875, aged 35 in ca 1896), place of registration – Vishki, occupation –    watch-maker.

His father – Eliokim (Ekel, Jankel), son of Haim Usdin was born in ca 1821 (aged 54 in 1875).
Beines had at least two brothers:

  • Hirsch Usdin, born in ca 1843 (aged 32 in 1875),
  • Nachman Usdin, born in ca 1860 (aged 15 in 1875).

Beines’s wife Sora, daughter of Kusiel (Kusel), née Alterman, was born in ca 1861      in Vishki (aged 35 in ca 1896).
Their children:

  • son Kuska, born in ca 1883 in Vishki (aged 13 in ca 1896),
  • daughter Hana, born in ca 1884 in Vishki (aged 12 in ca 1896),
  • son Schmuil-Behr (Berka-Schmuila), born on May 18 of 1893 in Vishki (see Appendix No.2),
  • daughter Rasa, born in ca 1892/1893 in Vishki (aged 3 in ca 1896),
  • daughter Dobe-Elka, born in ca 1895 in Vishki (aged 11 in 1896),
  • son Salman-Eliokim, born in ca 1888 in Vishki (aged 8 in ca 1896) (the birth records for 1898, 1899 do not contain information on his birth),
  • son Abram-David, born in ca 1896 (aged 10 months in ca 1896),
  • son Haim, born on April 17 of 1902 (Julian calendar) in Vishki (see Appendix No.3).

According to the 1st All Russian census for 1897 they lived in Vishki at Peterburgskaya Street, in the house of Danilewitsch (see Appendix No.4).






In front of Rosa's house in Vishki(I took this film in 1994)



The 1897 census of all Russias about Rouvin Usdin(Robert Usdin)my grand father's first cousin


Nachman Usdin, a petty merchant lived in Vishki, on Petersburg Street, in the house of Moll with his family in 1897

1-Nachman Yankelevich (also Eliokimovich)Usdin,age 40,born in Vishki,occupation-trinket store merchant.
2- his wife Sora Piescha Moshevna Usdin(maiden name not stated)age 38,born city of Dvinsk
3-son Avsei Nachmanovich Usdin,age 18,born Vishki
4-son Itzyk Nachmanovich Usdin,age 15,born Vishki
5-son Ruvin Nachmanovich Usdin,age 11,born Vishki
6-son Berka Nachmanovich Usdin,age 6,born Vishki
7-daughter Khaika Nachmanovna Usdin,age 1,born Vishki
8-daughter Ester Nachmanovna Usdin,age 3,born Vishki.According to the birth registry



Sora Piescha was Nachman Usdin's wife and Ruvin's mother ..Ruvin's first name in France was Robert.He died of cancer a little after my grandfather in 1971 at the age of 85.His brother Ytzik Ruvin Usdin and my Grandfather were the only ones of the Usdin family who emigrated to France.  Ruvin was my Grandfather's first cousin.Ytzik,his father   was killed by the nazis in Latvia.His brother Boris'wife and children perished during the holocaust in Latvia.

Ruvin Usdin during WWI






Tombstones of Nachman Usdin and of his wife Sarah-Pesha Moshevna



Here Lies Buried
A respected man
The SAINT(!)
The son of Eliakum
Died on the 15th of Tevet
5676 (December 21/22, 1915)
May His Soul Be Bound Up in the Bundle of Life


Here lies
the considered
woman, good lady
daughter of Reb Moses, of blessed memory,
died 12th Kislev,
year 5661
Let her soul be bound in the bundle of life.

Ici repose
la femme
considérée, Dame
fille de Reb Moïse - de mémoire bénie -
décédée le 12 Kislev
de l’année 5661
Que son âme soit liée au faisceau des vivants







Sarah Piesha Moshevna Usdina was born in 1852 and died at the age of 48.His husband ,Nachman Usdin remarried to Gita Yoffe

Gita Usdin killed by the nazis in 1941