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Kusiel(Kuska in the 1897 census) Yankelevich Usdin was born in 1885.He was my grandfather eldest brother.He escaped the holocaust as he was in Leningrad

Ksiel or Kusiel is Yekutiel, a biblical name
(one of the members of the Tribe of Juda. See Chronicles I, 4:18:
"Jekuthiel father of Zanoch").


David Usdin

David Kusielovich Usdin was Kusiel's son and Micha's father (see below)

Micha Usdin

Mikhail Davidovich Usdin is David's son.He was born in the 1940ies and lives in St Petersburg.In the photo is Mikhail, his wife , Galia and daughter Vika.  Vika is a journalist in St. Petersburg.


Galia and me in St Petersburg

David's tombstone in the exceptional Jewish cemetery(Preobrajenskoe) of St

Micha's grandmother tombstone in the cemetery of St Petersburg


Galia Usdin 2007



















The Lavabo house at the Jewish cemetery of St Petersburg