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David-Abraham Beinissovich Usdin,one of my Grandfather's brothers, was born in Vishki in 1896.
After 1925 he emigrated to Palestinia("Between 1925 and 1935 over 6,000 Jews left Latvia the overwhelming majority of the Jews left for the land of Israel") .There he was supported by his lover but decided secretly to emigrate to Peru.On the way to Cherbourg(a french port on the atlantic ocean)he stopped in Paris to meet my grand parents and
stayed there several days.This was in the 1930ies.
David-Abraham went on a ship to Peru, but his lover followed him and shot him.
I don't have anymore information as I couldn't find the name of the ship. In the 1897 census David Abraham was the last son. After him a son was born in 1902,Khaim.

David Abraham Usdin.Vitebsk 1919


Back of the photo writen by David 29/VI/1919





David Usdin.Riga 1925.




The port of Cherbourg in the 1930ies



Hotel "Atlantique"( in french) for "third class passengers"

The emigrants remained there approximately twelve days during which they underwent rigorous medical and customs controls. The companies took a vigilant care to these examinations because they must repatriate the candidates with the emigration whose entry in the United States is refused by the services of Ellis Island in New York.





Central Jewish Archives in Jerusalem