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(Bierka-Shmuil in the census)





Birth registration of Vulf(Bierka Shmuil)


In the army


In Vishki in 1949

In Vishki in 1949

Vulf Usdin is in the middle and on the right Boris Usdin



In Vishki in the 50ies

Dora,Sarah(who is in Toronto now),Vulf(who died in gulag),Lev,Semien USDIN.


Vulf's family


From the right to the left:
1-Vulf(Bierka-Shmuila or Bier-Shmuil),one of my grand father's brothers.Born may,18,1893 .Died in gulag january,15,1966.
2-Liuba ,his second wife and their child Bella,born in 1957
3-Dora Usdin(one of my grand father's sister)'s grand children
4-Liuba's mother Ida Danilovna

Volf's family


Vulf and his second wife Liuba


Vulf's handwriting

"To my dear nephew Serge(my father)from uncle Volodia in souvenir of Leningrad.May 8,1957"



Vulf in gulag

Vulf Yankelevich Usdin(one of my grand father's brothers)in gulag,Siberia.He was sent to gulag after a famous suit in Leningrad because he dealt in gold and currencies.It has been said,that his first wife denounced him.....Died in 1965.

Vulf and Semien in the gulag(I still don't know today,may 5,2007 if Semien is Dora 's or Rosa 's son)



Vulf's death certificate



It's written that Volf Usdin died of a heart attack, this is probably true.  Sophia, his daughter who lives in Toronto feels that he also died from physical abuses.

The gulag

An history of the gulag

A gulag map


Bella Usdin

Bella Usdin ,born in 1957 in Leningrad is Vulf and Liuba's daughter.She is my Father's first cousin and lives in St Petersburg