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From the 1897 census

In 1897 in town Vishki,on Petersburg street,in the house of Moll,there also lived the family of a Vishki(petty)bourgeois(merchant)Nachman Usdin.

1-Nachman Yankelevich (also Eliokimovich)Usdin,age 40,born in Vishki,occupation-trinket store merchant.
2- his wife Sora Piescha Moshevna Usdin(maiden name not stated)age 38,born city of Dvinsk
3-son Avsei Nachmanovich Usdin,age 18,born Vishki
4-son Ytzik Nachmanovich Usdin,age 15,born Vishki
5-son Rouvin Nachmanovich Usdin,age 11,born Vishki
6-son Bierka Nachmanovich Usdin,age 6,born Vishki
7-daughter Khaika Nachmanovna Usdin,age 1,born Vishki
8-daughter Ester Nachmanovna Usdin,age 3,born Vishki.According to the birth registry,Ester-Rivka Nachmanovna Usdin was born on december28,1893(old style)


Ruvin Usdin born in 1886 was my grandfather's first cousin.He emigrated to France before my grandfather and such as him lived in Paris all his life and never returned to Russia.After 19OO his father Nachman remarried to Gita(Khana-Petia)Yoffe.They had one son Izrail.


Ruvin during WWI



















Ruvin(on the right)with his first wife and my grandfather in the 30ies





Ruvin(sat)with the family in Paris



Ruvin and second wife,Lucienne