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In 1897 in town Vishki,on Petersburg street,in the house of Moll,there also lived the family of a Vishki(petty)bourgeois(merchant)Nachman Usdin.

1-Nachman Yankelevich (also Eliokimovich)Usdin,age 40,born in Vishki,occupation-trinket store merchant.
2- his wife Sora Piescha Moshevna Usdin(maiden name not stated)age 38,born city of Dvinsk
3-son Avsei Nachmanovich Usdin,age 18,born Vishki
4-son Itzyk Nachmanovich Usdin,age 15,born Vishki and perished in holocaust
5-son Rouvin Nachmanovich Usdin,age 11,born Vishki
6-son Berka Nachmanovich Usdin,age 6,born Vishki(wife and four children perished in holocaust )
7-daughter Khaika Nachmanovna Usdin,age 1,born Vishki
8-daughter Ester Nachmanovna Usdin,age 3,born Vishki.According to the birth registry,Ester-Rivka Nachmanovna Usdin was born on december28,1893(old style)



Yitzik and his family in Latvia

Yitzik and his family in Latvia

Photo taken in 1932 in Latvia

Yitzik Nachmanovich Usdin with wife and children Sonia,Nachman and Henry Fim.
Nachman emigrated to Nethania(Israel),Fim to Rochester(NY).I don't know about Sonia except she studied a little in France.
Yitzik was murdered by the nazis.


I submited the page below to the Yad Vashem (See the page )






the list of leather and shoe shops in Vishki

the list of leather and shoe shops in
Vishki the names

Usdin Itziks
Aglones str. 50

Usdin Gita
Aglones str. 41 shop Nbr. 1

In the phone book of Vishki for year 1941 we found the names:

Usdin Berka
Peterspils str. 41 phone Nbr. 1

Usdin Itziks
phone Nbr. 31


the 1930's list of business owners in Riga

the 1930's list of business owners in Riga


List of home owners
















Usdin family in Paris

Usdin family in Paris

This photo was taken in 1933 or so.

From the left:

-my grand father

-my uncle Robert

-Khaim(Henry Fim)

-his father Yitzik Nachmanovich Usdin ,who was murdered by the nazis in Latvia in 1941/42

Sat from the right:

-my father Serge Usdin

-my grand mother Catherine Usdin and Michel Usdin on her knees

In front sat:Rouvin(Robert Usdin,who emigrated with my grand father)


Ytzik(on the right)and his son Fim(Henry)who emigrated to the USA and was a doctor in Rochester(N.Y).

Fim died in 2000 and left one son,Jonathan. I met Fim several times in France and the USA




Fim in 1991

Back of the photo,sent to my father.They were very good friends.















Haims, Gen. Fime Uzdins
Place of Arrival:  Monniaz

Birthdate:  02/10/1914
Arrival Date:  11/13/1942

Dossier Number:  06834
File Number:  584

Nationality:  Sowjetunion
Religion:  jüdisch


Refugees in Switzerland
This list contains the names of more than 22,000 Jewish refugees who fled to Switzerland during World War II.

Records include date and place of birth, nationality, and date and place of arrival in Switzerland.

The Swiss Federal Archives created an electronic index to record group E 4624 (-) 1993/409 listing World War II refugees who fled to Switzerland. They excerpted the names of Jewish refugees to create this list.

the Swiss Federal Archives.

Contact Information:
The archival file from which each entry was created may be requested from:

Swiss Federal Archives (Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv)
Professor Dr. phil. Cristoph Graf, Director
Archivsestrasse 24
CH-3003 Bern




Passenger list.Henry Fim Usdin

Passenger list.Henry Fim Usdin

On December 23, 1954, Fim Usdin who was Itzyk Nachmanovich Usdin's son arrived at Ellis Island.He was .born February 10, 1914 and died Feburary 10, 2000 in Rochester, N.Y.  The address Fim lived at when he arrived in the USA  was his aunt's Esfir's address, and he was a Doctor in N.Y.



The ship on which Fim travelled

The ship on which Fim travelled



some of Usdin family of Vishki

some of Usdin family of Vishki


From the left to the right:
1-David Gram,born in Vishki,a Boris's friend
2-Dina Abovna Usdin,Boris's second wife
3-Boris Nachmanovich Usdin
4-Sonia Itzikovna Usdin,born in Vishki (Ytzik's daughter)

1-Edith Akhmanovna Kukle,born in Vishki,died in the USA(commited suicide)
2-Nachman Itzikovich Usdin(Ytzik's son)
3-His wife Rosa Usdin,lives in Israel.
4-Arman Mironovich Kukle(Sonia's husband.Edith's father



















Nachman and Boris Usdin(Ytzik's brother)born in Vishki

Nachman and Boris Usdin born in Vishki

This photo has been taken or in Dvinsk or in Riga in 1959.
On the left Nachman Itzikovich Usdin born in Vishki to Ytzik in june 1920.Died in Nathanya,Israel.
On the right his uncle(my grand father's first cousin)Boris(Bierka)Nachmanovich Usdin,born in Vishki in 1891,died in Riga in 1964.


Nachman in 1990















Rosa in 1990

Nachman's handwriting