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I don't know who is he.My Grand aunt said Beines Usdin.


Zalman Usdin,prisoner in Germany


Zalman Usdin,prisoner in Germany


Zalman.Close up


Zalman in France.WWI


Close up


Close up


Zalman and a Russian soldier in Lorraine.WWI


My Grandparents and sons Robert and Serge,my father


My Grandfather's id card


David Usdin


David Usdin


Dora Usdin


Rosa Usdin


Kusiel(Kuska) Usdin


David Usdin


The Usdin of St Petersburg


Galia and me in St Petersburg


In Vishki in the 1950 ies


In Vishki in the 1950 ies


Vulf Usdin


Vulf in the army


Vulf and second wife Liuba


Vulf and family in Vishki in 1960


Vulf in gulag in the 1960 ies


Vulf and Semien Gellerman(his nephew)in gulag


Ruvin Usdin,my Grandfather's first cousin(France)



Ruvin Usdin.Close up


My Grandfather,Ruvin's first wife and Ruvin in the 1930 ies


The Usdin in Paris


Ruvin and second wife


Ruvin.close up


My close Usdin family in Latvia


Boris Nachmanovich Usdin


Boris and Nachman Usdin




Ytzik Usdin and family in Latvia before WW2


Ytzik and his son Fim(Khaim)in Paris


Sonia Ytzikovna Usdin



Nachman Ytzikovich Usdin in Nathania.1991


Rosa(Rachel) Nachman's wife.Nathania.1991




Fim in 1991 in Rochester(USA)


Moussia(Marina),my father etc in Leningrad.1974


Moussia and Semien.Tel Aviv.1989


Moussia in Miami


Map of Vishki


In front of Sonia's house in Vishki


In Vishki in 1994


Arriving in Vishki


Jack Usdin and me in Perouges


Jack with the mayor of Vishki




Mark Usdin,Izrael's son


Valery Usdin's Grandfather


Fiola Usdin,Valery's father


Fiola,Dimitri etc


Fiola,wife and children


Jack and Serge Usdin(my father )


Zalman Usdin


Sonia's house in Vishki


Sonia's house in Vishki


Vishki.peterburg street



Vishki.peterburg street


Vishki.peterburg street




Vishki.Tourist information map






Bella Usdin(Vulf Usdin 's daughter )