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The Alterman family on my Grandfather's mother's side





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In the fund documents of the 1875 census there is an information stating that in the Dvinsk district,town Vishki lived:
-Gerten(Gershen) Leibovich Alterman,age 58
-Kusel Gertenovich Alterman,age 42
-Bierko Kusielovich Alterman,age 13 (12)

-Sarah Kusievna Alterman,age 13(MY GREAT GRAND MOTHER)
-Rivka Kusievna Alterman(married a Gram)
-Khaim-Shmuil Gertenovich Alterman,age 39
-Gerten(Gershen) Khaimovich-Chmuilovich Alterman,age 2

See page concerning the first names Gerten and Girm

Sarah Alterman was born to Kusiel,who was born to Gerten (also Gerschen or Herschen).

Kusiel was born in 1833(died before 1884 as Sarah's first son Kusiel was named after him in 1884).

I don't know anything about my Great Grand Mother Sarah Alterman,except my Grand Father said that she was Polish and my Grand Aunt said that she was deported in Ural .

Kusiel Alterman,my Great Great Grandfather had at least 2 sons and three daughters.

-Sarah Alterman(my Great Grand mother)

-Rivka Alterman

-Judasha Alterman

-Bierko Alterman

-Leiba Alterman


The deportation of Sarah Kusievna Usdin

The deportation of Sarah Kusievna Usdin

My great grand mother Sarah Kusievna was sent to a work camp in Solikamsk(Ural)after 1903 and before 1917 which is by czarist Russia.I know nothing about her except she was born in 1862 in Vishki.I never found any relatives.
Moussia,my Grandaunt of Boston said "only because she was a jew".see Moussia's page
I wrote to Solikamsk several years ago but they didn't answer me...
One of her sons Bierka-Shmuil(also Boris,Vulf,Volodia)(my grand father's beloved brother)was sent to a gulag in the 60ies and died there.

see Vulf's page



New about the Alterman family

The birth records of the Jewish community in Dvinsk for 1898, 1899, 1903 and the family lists of the Jewish families belonging to Rezekne, set up in 1898 and subsequently supplemented, contain the following information:

*Judascha (Dascha), daughter of Kusiel, nèe Alterman was born in ca 1880 (aged 30 in 1910).

Her husband Rezekne petty bourgeois Abram, son of Itzik Miransky, born in ca 1865 (aged 33 in ca 1898).

They had children:
-son Itzik Miransky, born on August 18 of 1895 (the birth records of the Jewish communities in Rezekne and Dvinsk for 1895 do not contain information on his birth),
-son David Miransky, born on February 17 of 1899 in Dvinsk,

-daughter Hasia-Feiga Miransky, born in 1900 9aged 10 in 1910),

-daughter Scheina Miransky, born in ca 1901 (aged 9 in 1910),

- twins – daughter Basschewa Miransky, born on November 8 of 1903 in Dvinsk,

- daughter Michla Miransky, born on November 8 of 1903 in Dvinsk.


*Visky petty bourgeois Leiba, son of Kusiel (Kasriel in the birth records for 1890)


Alterman and his wife Sora-Iska, daughter of Salman, nèe Seltzer, had children:

- son Gerschon-David Alterman, born on June 16 of 1890 in Dvinsk,

- daughter Dweira Alterman, born on May 14 of 1898 in Dvinsk.


"Chauvinistic anti-Semitism most severely affected Latvia's Jews dur­ing the World War I. In 1915, when the German army invaded Li­thua­nia, Russian generals declared Jews as the main reason of their failures. They were accused of collaboration with the command of the German army and of espionage for Germany. A false story was spread that in Kuži (Lithuania) Jews had hidden a German secret unit in the rear of the Rus­sian army and had helped it to carry out an operation. On April 17 (30), 1915, on the eve of the Jewish Shamot feast, Grand Duke Nikolay Niko­layevich, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army, issued an order for the deportation of Jews residing in Lithuania and Kurzeme. They were to be deported to Inner Russia within a 24-hour with only ten days notice. About 40,000 Jews were taken away from Kurzeme and Zemgale in rail­road cattle cars. The railroad cars bore the sign “shpioni” (“spies”). Many people died on the way. The deportees were settled to the provinces of Poltava, Yekaterinoslav (now Dnepro­petrovsk), Vladimir and Voronyezh, where they were met coldly and with hostility."


Rivka Alterman

The part of the list of the Jews belonging to Dvinsk and Dvinsk district, set up in 1875, with the surnames on the letter “A” is damaged, available part do not contain information about Kusel (Kusiel) Alterman family.

We suppose that Sora had at least one sister Riva (Rivka) Alterman.
Rivka, daughter of Kusiel Alterman was born in 1876 in Vishki. On August 4 of 1901 in Vishki she married to Vishki petty bourgeois Morduch, son of Oscher Gram, born in ca 1873 (see below).


They had children:

  • daughter Sora-Jocha Gram, born on July 12 (julian calendar) of 1903 in Vishki,
  • daughter Esphir Gram, born on July 28 of 1916 in Vishki.
  • son Kusiel Gram,born in March 8, 1905 in Vishki.
    He lived at 8,Zvaigzhnu Street  in Talsi and the 1935 census for Talsi record that Kushiel Gram was a seller in the firm of J. Jeruchmanov & Sons in Talsi.His wife was Haja-Schiffre Kramer.(added on march 23 by the courtesy of Tony Lewis) .

According to the census for 1935 Rivka and Esphir Gram lived in Vishki at Aglonas Street (number not stated).
Sora-Jocha married to Aron Pogil, born February 15 of 1896 in Vishki. They had at least one son Schloma Pogil, born on November 11 of 1929 in Vishki. According to the census for 1935 the family of Aron Pogil lived in Vishki at Rigas Street 112.
According to the records of the Soviet Extraordinary Commission for 1945 – the list of the Jews killed in 1941 in Vishki – Aron, Sora-Jocha Pogil  and Riva Gram were killed in 1941 in Vishki.




Letter received on december 4,2007 from the archives of Riga

Dear Mrs Usdin,
Please be informed that we have prepared information about Usdin families from the 1st All Russian census for 1897 and census for 1935 of Vishki as well as some additional information about mentioned persons from other documents (their spouses, children, their fate during the Second World War) (39 persons). And information about the family of Judascha (Dascha), daughter of Kusiel Alterman (her husband, children) and Vishki petty bourgeois Leiba, son of Kusiel Alterman (his wife, daughter), their families lived in Dvinsk (now Daugavpils).
The cost of accomplished work amounts 197,00 EUR.
Please inform us whether you need all mentioned information
or just the list of persons from the 1st All Russian census for 1897 and census for 1935.
Alterman family is not mentioned in the census for 1897 and 1935 of Vishki.
С уважением,
Елена Половцева