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-"the name on DINA BAT(=daughter of ) ISRAEL GUREVITCH

the last row is not readable

-the grave stone is KORVITZ"

-(all I can read is)
(Line 1 last word) Israel
(Line 2) Gurewitz (which is the same as Horowitz)

-"Dina wife of Israel
Died while still young"

-It is not easy to read apart from the bit that you possibly really want. The reference is to "Israel Gurvitz" [the bit on the left of line 1 is Israel and the 2nd line says Gurvitz]























Some graves in the cemetery.
I would say there are about 100 stones still remaining.But may be more,hidden by bush of the forest which covers half of the cemetery.Some of the stones had sunk into the ground and are only partially readable.
The fence around the cemetery still exists but ,as far as the gate is opened, people come to gather mushrooms and kids play in part of the cemetery.
It's very sad.


















Here Lies Buried
The prominent woman
Mrs. Frume(?) daughter of
Yisra'el died
the 7th of Tammuz
in the year 5654 (July 10/11, 1894)
May Her Soul Be Bound Up in the Bundle of Life



Here Lies Buried
A simple and honest man
Asher son of Me'ir
BASS(?) who died
(?) days in the month of (?)
in the year (?)
May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of life



Here Lies Buried
The prominent woman
Chaya Pesi
Daughter of Hil(?) died
on the 7th of Kislev, 5655 (December 4/5,1894)
May Her Soul Be Bound Up in the Bundle of Life
A simple and honest man
Chayyim David
Son of Avraham
Died on the 4th of Tevet
in the year 5654 (December 12/13, 1893)
May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life







This is a copy of a photo sent by the mayor of Vishki after they had cleant the cemetery.
I don't knows how it looks like now...
So sad.



An article about me and the cemetery of Vishki in "Tribune juive"


The Jewish Cemetery of Vishki(I took this film in 1994)



The same in 2008





Video of the jewish cemetery of Vishki