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This is me at the entrance of Vishki.I don't think ,that the village has changed a lot.Vishki is situated 30 kilometers north of Daugavpilsby a lake on which my ancestors sk(also called Dinaburg,Dunaburg,Borissoglebov,again Dinaburg,Dvinsk in 1893,Daugavpils in 1920)ated in the winter,at least that's what my grand father said.I was in Vishki in 1994.I stayed in hotel "Latvija" in Daugavpils and drove to Vishki every day.There I met Samuel Glezerov whose mother Dina Abovna married to Boris Nakhmanovich Usdin,my grandfather first cousin and Galina Koltun(e),whose grandmother married to Nakhman Yankelevich Usdin,my grandfather's uncle.They helpt me a lot.I hope to go back to Vishki next september 2007.

see PAGE concerning Boris Usdin

Vishki from far away







I could speak with old people as I speak russian.They remembered Usdin family but could not say a lot.



video:the streets(so desolated)in Vishki.I was driving ,Samuel Glezerov was filming


Slideshow of Vishki.May 2008