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Usdin in hebrew


It's well known that the Jewish people did not get surnames in Eastern Europe until the Napoleonic years of the early 19th century(I think 1842,at least in France)).Then, most of the Jews from Eastern countries were ordered to get surnames..The sephardi have had surnames for centuries ,but at the end of the XVIIIth century the Ashkenazi still had custom of using their first, plus Father's first name, in a Hebrew -Yiddish form such as" Zalman ben Beines" for instance.

So they would adopt a name reffering to their job,from the town or village they came from and there are other variants.


УЗДА(pronounce UZDA)in russian means a "BRIDLE" for horses.Does it mean,that my ancestors raised horses or had a job reffering to horses?


UZDA is a small town in Bielaruss,about 70 miles south of Minsk . The Jews had a very important role(Uzda )Uzda is situated in the Uzdinskoe uezde,which means "The Uzdin district".Does it mean that my ancestors came from this part of Bielaruss or from Uzda?*Uzda*


UZDIN( УЗДИН ) is a village located in Serbia. I can't say if it was a shtetl or if Jews lived there.Does it mean that they came from there?*Uzdin*

Vitaly Charny told me that when new occupants arrived in a shtetl the people named them,for example"the ones from Uzda"which became Usdin may be.


All is very difficult and I'll probably never know.