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The photograph is very bad as it's a photocopy.I'll try to get the original one.
It shows Yeshua-Leib Usdin and his first wife Tamara Barz and their children who are standing :

-Raphael.South Africa and Israel

-Isadore.Married to Eva Miller.USA

Vulf Usdin's son Isadore was born in 1886 and emigrated to the USA in 1907.He lived at 145 Water Park Avenue,St Augustine,Florida.He had two sons:

-Danny,born in 1920.He was an internist who was primarily interested in cardiologyy.He had been president of the Northeast Florida Heart Association.He lived at 3959 Alcazar,Jackonville 7,Florida.

-Gene was born January 1922, Cecile , his wife was a sculptor and a good golfer (handicap 16).   She died 10 years ago of cancer.Their children are Cathy-born in 1950,Lynda-born in 1952,Steven-born in 1954 and Tommy-born in 1957.Gene was in private practice at Osher clinic in New Orleans and an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Tulane School of Medecine and chief of the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry at Touro Infirmary.

I met Gene and Cecile about 15 years ago and their son Steven twice.Gene lives in New Orleans.


Hyman was the first of the brothers to die in the 1940ies,having lived in New York City

-Jaacov.Born in Riga in 1892.Married to Esther Krasovitz(born 1903).USA

Jacob was the older of the four brothers who migrated to the United States.He became a hat manufecturer,retired in the 60 ies and died in the 70ies.He has been a philanthropic individual.He had two daughters,Edith(Cathy Singer's mother)and Judy.They lived at 3401 Blanche avenue,Cleveland,Ohio.


Abe died in the 1950ies in New York City.He had a son and daughter.Abe's son Myron,born in the 1920ies and had a P.H.D in biochemistry and his adress was 8008 Dearborn Drive, Prairie Village,Kansas

-Rachel.Married to Mindlin.Born 1915

-Sonia.Married to Preuss.Born 1917(?)died 1990

Letter received from Ethlea Frank,Raphael's grand daughter.(South Africa)



Ethlea's father,Zelmane Usdin(but he was Ousdine,as my grand father before naturalization)





















The Usdins in South Africa by Ethlea Frank

RAFFAEL USDIN Chaya Gluck (aka Masha Adus(wide forehead that Ethlea and Pam have comes from her side)

married late 1800’s, emigrated to Palestine in the 1920’s or 30’s

had a Matzo factory in Dvinsk. Chaya (Masha) was a do it yourselfer of note. She sewed and was very creative, made Ethlea a rag doll, (still good after 57 years) her She built a bridge over a small river in the kibbutz, "so that the toddlers did not get their shoes wet.

When she was in her 90’s, she needed assistance to walk and pushed a chair in front of her – when a grandchild from SA, Sally Singer, asked why she did not get a walker, she said, "Stupid Chair, I have to teach it to walk". In her 70’s the tough foreman gave her the run of the workshop on the kibbutz, and told his men to keep an eye open that she did not hurt herself.

They Founded Kfar Geladi in the northern border of Israel, near Metula

before the declaration of the state of Israel. Rafael died in his 70’s, Masha died in her 90’s.


1 )Zalman (Selmane) OUSDINE (french translation of USDIN left to escape the draft to the Tzar’s army after his barmitzvah, went to Paris, lived with an aunt, apprenticed to a dental mechanic, worked on famous actresses and ballerinas using stainless steel as a medium for false teeth, instead of unhygenic linoleam which other dental mechanics used. Before the days of plastic which was invented in the 1940’s. Before the German’s reached Paris, he came to South Africa where his younger brother Morris had started hi sdiamond business which was well known as USDUNS diamonds Cnr Rissik and Bree St Johannesburg and joined him in the jewellery business. Later Selmane joined his sister Gita’s husband Louis in a manufacturing business, making stars of David, earrings and charms out of gold and silver, awarded the South African Bureau of Standards mark for quality. Hobbies were working with rare woods ,fragrant thambuti and ebony and ivory. His work was displayed at exhibitions Jewish art in Johannesburg in the early 60’s. Made silver presentation keys for the Emmarentia Shul. Zalman married Judith Silverman who had emigrated from Ponevish in Lithuania, to escape the war. Her parents were killed before they could obtain a passage on the boat to join Judith and her brothers Sam and Reuben Silverman. Judith was a superb dress designer and cutter, studied in Russia with a Professor of design and then worked in Johannesburg for Natwhether Coats. She was a tireless community worker for Jewish woman’s groups, Sandringham Gardens, and Arcadia orphanage, a good neighbour always first with a cake or a exquisite smocked baby dress for any new arrival kind to all in the neighbourhood. Zalman was loved by old and young and mixed with a very varied assortment of people, loved philosophy and university students were often found in thier home listening to his wisdom and experience. Phenomenal knowledge from devouring reading everything, from Enclopaedeas to phone books, - which gave him the demographics of Johannesburg, and how families had grown and moved around.??. Although he never had formal schooling her could speak knowledgably about all subjects and impressed those who had more opportunity. Zalman died of a stroke at 75, Judith died possible Caner and Alztheimers age 60. Two Children Lionel born 1944 and Ethlea born 1947 see Judith’s family tree for details.

2 Morris USDIN– diamond merchant in Johannesburg, married Gita from Dvinks Russia, two children Jack m Roz Labe and Sally m Bernie Singer. Jack m/ Ros – children Karen, Shireen, Rene and Martine. Romy Usdin 2004 is Shireen’s Daughter Rene married Neil du Toit, Tai and ? born in early 2000’s. Sally and Bernie children are Mark (Moishie married Dina Bernard had seven kids :, Raphael m Ilana live in Israel with 4 daughters, Lauren. single, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, wrote book and great debater on positive living.

Morris died of Altzheimers.age 74

3 Aizer USDIN married ?, 2 children, Irmik and Leah. Engineer Worked on oil pipes in Gaza strip.

4 Gita (little Gira m Louis Alpert, children Rose b 1935 and Zeke born 1943. Rose married Lazar Greenman, divorced, three daughters, Rochelle, Joy and Helene, all married living in Israel, some on Kibutz H.... Gita died of a stroke age 78.

5 Chaya maried Moshe Agami, Israel children Aida and Raffy Lived on Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, which parents had founded in 1930’s.

Chaya had Altzheimers.

A 6th Devorah daughter killed in" drowning accident" while still with parents in Russia over a love that went wron




The two photos below were sent to me by Zeke(Zicky) Alpert(see above) from London(June 2007)

The photo below  is a picture of Morris Usdin, wife Gita (who we called Big Gita to differentiate from Zeke's mom, who was Little Gita), with their children Jack and Sally next to her mom), and Jack's wife Ros (nee Labe) on right


The photo below shows Usdin family, with Jack's 4 girls, and Sally's 2 boys, and Zicky Alpert's dad is on the left and his mom on the right.


The same photo as the one at the beginning of the page but on a plate


Explanations of the process by a Jewishgener(June 2007)

I am not sure how professional that one is, but it is a craft that I learned as a child in Girl Scouts.  If I remember correctly we used a glue like Elmer's, only I think it was homemade and put a layer on the plate, then attached the picture to the plate and rolled out all airpockets.  Then another layer of this glue was painted over the pic and the plate.  At the next meeting, the next week, the whole plate was glazed and then hand decorated around the picture and when that dried, glazed again.  We used just generic plates purchased by the scout leader at a pottery shop if I remember correctly.





The 1897 Census concerning the Usdins of Dvinsk




Katie Singer's family tree