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Sonia Ytzikova Usdin was born in Vishki on november 1,1910.She married to Arham Mironovich Kukle(Kokle)and a girl Edit was born to them.I don't know anything else about Sonia except she studied in France(ecole Ste Clotilde.le Raincy) in the 1925 ies or sooner.



These photos show Sonia Kukle's House in Vishki on Peterburgskaya street(my grand father lived on this street).Maiden name Sonia Yitzikovna Usdin.
On the photo below:Jack Usdin(NJ),me and Samuel Glezerov ,whose mother Dina Abovna married(second marriage) t oBoris Usdin,whom I show the grave in Riga at the begining of this site.
On the second photo below:the mayor of Vishki Janis and the lady who lived in Sonia's house,Mrs Sergeievna.
These photos were taken 10 years ago when I was in Latvia.














Sonia Usdin's house in Vishki.


Sonia Usdin's house in Vishki.


A family photo

Sonia's parents and brothers

From the left to the right: Ytzik's wife,Sonia,Ytzik,Nachman and Fim

Sonia Kukle in about 1935



From left to right


David Gram,Dina Abovna (Bierka's second wife and Samuel Glezerov's mother),Bierka,Sonia


Edit(Sonia's daughter.according to Samuel Glezerov she emigrated to the USA and commited suicide),Nachman(Ytzik's son),Rosa(Rachel)(Nachman's wife),Naham Kukle(Sonia's husband).

-Sonia's parents,Ytzik and Dina Usdin were killed in Vishki in 1941-

To see Ytzik's parents, Nachman and Sora-Piesha Moshevna's tombstones in the cemetery of Vishki click here

Tombstone of Sonia(Sarah)Kokle(Kukle)in Riga


A video in front of Sonia's house in Vishki