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Schula Usdin in about 1925


Schula Usdin was my third cousin once removed. She was born in Vishki on November20,1910 to Israel-David Usdin,son of Schlioma Usdin,son of Leib Usdin,who was my Great Great Grand father Yankel's brother.

Her mother was Haja- Merka,born on March 15 of 1887 in Vishki . She was a daughter of Itzik Golansky (Golandsky) and his wife Hana.

Haya-Merka Usdin,Schula's mother, was killed in 1941 at the age of 57.

Haya-Merka's record from the Yad Vashem

There is a mistake on this Yad Vashem document concerning her birth date


Schula married to Dumesch Leib-Wulf, son of Schender Dumesch.They had at least two daughters:
-Jeva Dumesch, born on February 10 of 1938 in Daugavpils,
-Nechamia Dumesch, born on April 18 of 1939 in Vishki.

Shula was a homeowner in Vishki with Liuba,Pera,Musja,Shlioma,Leiba Usdin

Before the Second World War they lived in Riga at Jumaras Street 18, apt. 6. They were struck off the house register on October 7 of 1941 as moved to Ludza Street 11, apt. 10 (territory of Riga ghetto during Nazi occupation). Leib-Wulf Dumesch was still alive on July 7 of 1942 when he was registered in the lists of Jews which were forced to work at Missa Torfwerk, his address in ghetto that time – Vilanu Street 16-2.
His occupation was a glazier.

Leib and Schliom Usdin,Schula's brothers worked there,too.They escaped,were caught and killed.

Birth certificate of Leib-Wulf Dumesch (translation:

Leib-Wolf Father - Sender son of Wolf DUMES Mother -
Nechama daughter of Avraham-Pesach GROB Date of Birth - April 30, 1899 (20th of Iyyar, 5659)  Date of Circumcision - May 7, 1899 (27th of Iyyar, 5659) Mohel (Ritual Circumciser) - Repha'el SAPSAL.


Schula Dumesch was killed in the holocaust at the age of 31.

Page of testimony for Shula Dumesch

Their daughter Nechamia Dumesch, born on April 18 of 1939 in Vishki was killed at the age of 2.


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