Любовь Уздина

Liuba Usdin's passport

Liubov Usdin, born on July 2 of 1916 in Vishki to Israel-David,born in 1881 and Raya-Merka,born in 1896. Since 1935 she lived in Riga at Gogola Street 8/10, apt. 20, since December of 1937 – at Lacplesa Street 56, apt. 28 together with the family of brother Schliom Usdin. On January 18 of 1940 in Riga she married to David Gild, born on January 12 of 1909 in Dvinsk. Their last known address – Riga, Gogola Street 8/10, apt. 20. David was struck off the house register on April 25 of 1941 as moved to Liepaja. Lubov was struck off the house register on October 27 of 1941, not stated where, obviously to ghetto.