Дебора Левинштейнa Уздина

Deborah Levinstein Usdin

Leib Usdin was born on May 30 of 1914 in Vishki. His wife Debora, daughter of Hirsch Lewinstein, born on November 13 of 1915 in Libau (now Liepaja). Before the Second World War he lived in Riga at Gogola Street 8/10, apt. 20. Leib’s occupation – shopkeeper. . Leib was struck off the house register on October 28 of 1941, not stated where, obviously to ghetto. Leib together with his brother Schliom worked at Aizpute Torfwerk and was still alive in October of 1943. The book „Kniga spaseniya” of Leonid Koval (2. vol., page 64) contain information that brothers Usdin working at Aizpute Torfwerk escaped in 1943, they have hidden but were arrested and killed.Debora was evacuated to Kazakhstan(Andijanskaya district) in 1941/1942.I guess she survived.


Deborah's passport

All the passports have Rabbi Zak's signature