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Jack and my Father in 1994


Though we are distant cousin(we didn't find out how we are related but think that our Great Great grand parents were brothers)there is a striking ressemblance between my father and Jack




Jack and me in front of my studio in the 1994


Jack and the mayor of Vishki,Janis Kudins.1994


Contemporary to my Great Grandfather ,born in 1862 lived in Dvinsk Vulf Usdin(born 1846),son of Lazarus.

Vulf's son Menachem-Mendel(born 1876)had one son Louis(Lazarus)(born 1906)who emigrated to the USA.Jack is his son.


Jack's family lived 28 Saknu iela in Dvinsk





















The 1897 census concerning Jack's family


Louis's(Jack's Father)passport