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The Gram family of Vishki


Morduch Gram,born in 1873 was the son of Osher Gram born in Vishki in 1837/1838

On August 4,1901 he married to Riva(Rivka) Gram,born in 1876 in Vishki to Kusel Alterman,born in 1833. Rivka was my Great Grandmother Sarah Alterman 's sister.

Marriage registration of Rivka Alterman and Morduch Gram
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All the framed documents below were sent to me by Tony Lewis,whose Great Grandfather was Osher Gram.His Grandmother was Morduch Gram's sister.


Osher Gram was born in 1840 to Meyer Gram.His wife was Sora,daughter of Leiba.They had children:

-Mendel-Nocham(Nochim),born in 1874/1875

-Etka-Mira(Miriam),born in 1883/1884

-Morduch,born in 1873

-Abram-Aron,born in 1874



Etka-Mira Gram

Etka-Mira was Tony Lewis's Grandmother,born in 1883/1884.She emigated to Liverpool(England)where she married to Nathan Pasvolski,born to Joshua Pasvolski in 1884.They had three children, a son & two daughters. Their elder daughter,Tony's mother,was Sora-Yacha,although she was known as Sarah or more commonly as Sybil. In the UK his grandfather's surname was more commonly known as Pass. 

Wedding certificate of Miriam Gram and Nathan Pasvolski
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Miriam and Nathan Pasvolski.1946 .Liverpool


Mendel-Nocham Gram


Mendel -Nocham (Nohim),born in 1874/1875.On july 25,1900 he married to Rochla,born in 1870 in Braslav to Leib-Avsey Shaibel.

They lived in the house of Dumesh.


Abram-Ahron Gram

Abram-Ahron was born in 1874 in Vishki.He died in 1893 at the age of 19.


Morduch Gram

Morduch Gram,my Grandaunt's sister's husband,was born in Vishki in 1873.

Morduch and Rivka,born Alterman had children:

According to the census for 1935 Rivka and Esphir Gram lived in Vishki at Aglonas Street (number not stated).
Sora-Jocha married to Aron Pogil, born February 15 of 1896 in Vishki. They had at least one son Schloma Pogil, born on November 11 of 1929 in Vishki. According to the census for 1935 the family of Aron Pogil lived in Vishki at Rigas Street 112.
According to the records of the Soviet Extraordinary Commission for 1945 – the list of the Jews killed in 1941 in Vishki – Aron, Sora-Jocha Pogil  and Riva Gram were killed in 1941 in Vishki.


The Pasvolsky family of Rezekne.Nathan Paslovsky was Tony Lewis's Grandfather