Esther Shor with husband and son.1990.St Paul Minneapolis

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Esther Shor was born to Abraham Levin,born in Borisov (Bielarussia)to Matus and Esther Levina in 1888 and Khaya-Rivka Tziser,born to Yosef and Reizl Tziser in1891 in Vishki.

During the war Esther was in the Soviet Army,which saved her from the holocaust.

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Her whole family perished in Rumbala forest near Riga on December 8,1941.

-Abraham Levin,her father(age 53)

- Khaya-Rivka Levina,her mother(age 50)

-Yossef Levin,her brother born in Vishki(age 26)

-Khaim Levin,her brother born in Vishki(age 20)

-Sika(Yehoshua)Levin,her brother born in Vishki (age 18)

-Liba Levina,her sister born in Vishki(age 10)

and Miriam Lantzberg,her cousin(age 18)


Abraham Levin's page of testimony submitted by Esther Shor on

The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names


Abraham Levin's sister Mina Levina emigrated to France.She had one daughter, Esther Fourman(Forman)


Esther Shor was married to a Kagan.

She was a doctor and worked in a clinic in Riga for 17 years.She then remarried to Ayzik Shor,born in 1916.They had one son, Gregory.

Esther emigrated to the USA in the 1970's.They lived in St Paul Minneapolis(Mn).



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