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My Grand Father in about 1910.Click on the photo for a close up

My Family Tree

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The 1897 census of all Russias and rabbinat of Latvia.Usdin.

The 1875 census.*Alterman*

My Grandfather and Grandmother in

My grand father' documents

Records of my Grandfather's naturalization David Usdin Vulf Usdin Dora Usdin
Rosa Kusiel Usdin Moussia Usdin Ytzik Usdin
Bierka Usdin Sonia Usdin Ruvin Usdin Shulamit Usdin
An unknown Usdin of Odessa Izrail,Mark, Mikhail Usdin and Galina Koltun.Video Semien Gellerman(mother Dora Usdin) Sophia and Boris Usdin(Vulf's children)
Esther Shor born Levina The ALTERMAN family Esther Shor's letters about Usdin family in Vishki(Russian) Documents received from the archives of Riga
Rivka Gram,nee Alterman Beines Yankelevich Usdin,my Great Grand father Liubov Usdin The Alterman,Gram and Pogil families
The Gram family Shulamit Usdin's passeport Liubov Usdin's passport Shlioma Usdin's passport
Deborah Usdin's passport      

Music:"Ёзка уезжает в армию служить"(Ezka uezjaet armiu slujit)

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