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The population of Vishki.




The arrival in Vishki.

Another family of Vishki:the Dumesh

Life in the shtetl

Slideshow of Abram Rabkin's paintings

Vishki in Russian The original text of main page in yiddish The fascinating memoirs of Samuel Abbey Harrison.Vishki.1871 Various photos and videos of Vishki

Esther Shor,born Levin in Vishki

Эстер Шор.Девичья фамилия Левин

The list of Jews belonging to Dvinsk and district for 1875 Shops and home owners in Vishki in 1935 Esther Shor's letters about Usdin family in Vishki
Usdin house in Vishki.1895. Воспоминания местечке Вишки.Лайзер Думеш Vishki.Leizer Dumes remembrances The streets of Vishki.Houses and shops.NEW
The tombstones of the Vishki cemetery.May 2008NEW. Книга пожарного дома.The firehouse book.NEW Photos,slideshows and videos of Vishki.Spring 2008 The holocaust in Vishki Голокост в Вишках

Music:Molly Picon.In a Yiddish Shtetl

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