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Beines Usdin,my great Grandfather


But before all ,in 1875 in Vishki lived:


-USDIN Yankel(also Eliokim)Khaimovich,born 1821*my grandfather's grandfather* (died between 1885 and 1889.My Grandfather had been given his name Eliokim but his eldest brother Kuska didn't)

-USDIN Girm(Hirsh) Yankelevich(also Eliokimovich),born 1843,his son (my great grand father's brother

-USDIN Khaim Girmovich,born 1866*Girm's son*

-USDIN Noson Girmovich,born 1872*Girm's son*

-USDIN Nakhman Yankelevich,born 1860(or 1857)*my great grandfather's brother*

-USDIN Beines Yankelevich,born 1862*my grandfather's father*

The 1875 census showing Yankel Usdin and his sons in which Beines

The 1897 census showing Beines and his brother Nachman's families

The same in Russian

All I know of Beines Usdin

...and it's very little.
According to the Archives of Riga Beines was born in 1862 in Vishki to Yankel(also Eliokim,born in 1821),who was born to Khaim, born at the begining of the XIXth century or end of theXVIIIth.I only heard of two brothers of Beines:Nachman,born in 1860 and Girm,born in 1843(may be to a first wife).
My grand father said he was a giant but it's all relative as Zalman was short(1.63 m).
Beines was a clock/watch maker(grandpa said also a jeweller).It is estimated that there were roughly at least one clock-watch maker for every 1000 citizens.
He married to Sarah Alterman in 1883/84.From 1885 to 1902 eight children were born to them(archives)but Zalman said they were 11 children.
Between 1902(the date of their last child,Khaim,born april 17,1902)and 1917/18 his wife Sarah was sent to a salt mines working camp in Solikamsk(Ural.USSR).Why????"Only because she was a jew",said Mussia.She died there and is buried in a communal grave I think with no doubt...

In 1917/1918 Beines remarried to Sarah Levina.They lived in Leningrad.Moussia (Marina)was born to them in 1919.
He ran a jewellery store in Dvinsk,then in Leningrad.

Beinis died in~1925.He is buried in the St Petersburg cemetery named "Preobrazhenskoe"(transfiguration).The pre-burial house of the cemetery designed by architect Yaacov Gevirts,built between 1908 and 1910 is in a serious disrepair.The cemetery is hudge and magnificent with many sculpted gravestones.
My father saw Beines's grave in the 70ies.I have been looking for it many times but never found it though Mussia drew me a map showing where he is buried.

His daughter Moussia,my grand aunt, emigrated to the USA in the 70ies.She lived in Boston(MA).She stoped writing about ten years ago and died in december 2003