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The Alterman,Gram and Pogil families of Vishki,Dvinsk and Talsi


Sarah Kusevna Usdin,nee Alterman was born in 1862 in Vishki toKusiel Alterman,born in 1833.In 1883/1884 she married to Beines Yankelevich Usdin,born to Yankel(also Eliokim)in 1862 in Vishki.They were my Great Grand parents on paternal side.

She had at least


-Bierko Alterman

-Leibo Alterman

Sisters :


-Judasha Alterman


Rivka Alterman

Rivka, daughter of Kusiel Alterman was born in 1876 in Vishki. On August 4 of 1901 in Vishki she married to Vishki petty bourgeois Morduch, son of Oscher Gram, born in ca 1873.

Osher Gram, married Sora,and  the 1st. All-Russian Census of 1897 showed their children as Mendel-Nocham(Nochim),who was 22 at the

time,and who married Rochla Shaibal from Braslav, in Rezekne in 1900.

Marriage registration of Rivka Alterman and Morduch Gram


They had children:

According to the census for 1935 Rivka and Esphir Gram lived in Vishki at Aglonas Street (number not stated).
Sora-Jocha married to Aron Pogil, born February 15 of 1896 in Vishki. They had at least one son Schloma Pogil, born on November 11 of 1929 in Vishki. According to the census for 1935 the family of Aron Pogil lived in Vishki at Rigas Street 112.
According to the records of the Soviet Extraordinary Commission for 1945 – the list of the Jews killed in 1941 in Vishki – Aron, Sora-Jocha Pogil  and Riva Gram were killed in 1941 in Vishki.


Judasha Alterman

New about the Alterman family

The birth records of the Jewish community in Dvinsk for 1898, 1899, 1903 and the family lists of the Jewish families belonging to Rezekne, set up in 1898 and subsequently supplemented, contain the following information:

*Judascha (Dascha), daughter of Kusiel, nèe Alterman was born in ca 1880 (aged 30 in 1910).

Her husband Rezekne petty bourgeois Abram, son of Itzik Miransky, born in ca 1865 (aged 33 in ca 1898).

They had children:
-son Itzik Miransky, born on August 18 of 1895 (the birth records of the Jewish communities in Rezekne and Dvinsk for 1895 do not contain information on his birth),
-son David Miransky, born on February 17 of 1899 in Dvinsk,

-daughter Hasia-Feiga Miransky, born in 1900 9aged 10 in 1910),

-daughter Scheina Miransky, born in ca 1901 (aged 9 in 1910),

- twins – daughter Basschewa Miransky, born on November 8 of 1903 in Dvinsk,

- daughter Michla Miransky, born on November 8 of 1903 in Dvinsk.


Leibo Alterman


*Visky petty bourgeois Leiba, son of Kusiel (Kasriel in the birth records for 1890)


Alterman and his wife Sora-Iska, daughter of Salman, nèe Seltzer, had children:


- son Gerschon-David Alterman, born on June 16 of 1890 in Dvinsk,

- daughter Dweira Alterman, born on May 14 of 1898 in Dvinsk.